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Link posted Wednesday August 22, 2018

Crown Castle v Rye
Decision and Order - Motion to Dismiss - HERE



Links posted Friday January 12, 2018

Notice of Petition - HERE

Verified Petition/Complaint - HERE

Exhibits to Verified Petition - HERE


Links posted Tuesday December 12, 2017

Briccetti Opinion and Order - Crown Castle v Rye - HERE

Statement regarding Crown Castle Decision 12-12-17 - HERE


Links posted Tuesday October 10, 2017

Comments from Cuddy & Feder LLP on the Public Scoping - HERE

Comments from Zarin & Steinmetz on the Public Scoping - HERE


Links posted Tuesday May 23, 2017

Crown Castle Complaint - HERE

Crown Castle Order to Show Cause - HERE

Crown Castle Injunction - HERE


Links added Thursday 04-20-17

Staff Recommendation on Crown Castle proposal – HERE

Resolution – Determination of Significance – HERE

Part II Environmental Assessment Form (EAF)   - HERE

Part III Environmental Assessment Form (EAF)  - HERE

04-19-17 Lee Afflerbach Report - HERE

04-19-17 Ron Graiff – Crown Castle Verizon Final Report - HERE


Links added Wednesday 04-19-17

04-19-17 Cuddy & Feder Summary of Legal Standards - HERE

04-19-17 Verizon RF Report - HERE

04-19-2017 Crown Castle Supplemental Submission - HERE

04-19-17 Crown Castle letter to City of Rye - HERE

Comments from Altice on the proposed amendments to the City Code - HERE

04/07/17 Letter to the City from Verizon Wireless - HERE   

04/13/17 Submission to the City from Crown Castle - HERE



Links added 04-11-17

700 MHz data for Verizon - Click HERE

Pictures of sample two and three ion boxes as listed on the map - Click HERE



New Information - Added 04-10-17

Crown Castle update
Crown Castle (cellular infrastructure provider) has installed two “sample" cabinet (node) boxes on City infrastructure. One is a three ion box and the other is a two ion box.  Clich HERE for map and additional ino.




Links added 04-03-17

Tolling Agreement

Revised Draft Local Laws as of April, 3rd 2017

Draft for April 5th Public Hearing

Blackline comparison between February amendments and April 5 public hearing version




Link added 03-20-17

Letter to the City from Verizon Wireless received on 3-15-17


Links added 03-10-17

Tolling Agreement

Revised Draft Local Laws as of March 10, 2017; Additional Revisions Anticipated



Link added 02-27-17

Letter to the City from Crown Castle received on 02/27/17



Links added 02-16-17

Revised Rye City Code for Wireless Telecommunications

Comparison of Original Amendments and revised February Amendments

Presentation by Joseph Van Eaton, Esq. at 02-15-17 City Council Meeting



Link added 01-27-17

Proposed Changes to Rye City Code for Wireless Telecommunications



Link added 12-29-16

FCC Public Notice on Small Cell Deployment


Links added 12-4-16

Mobilitie Proposed Plans

Verizon Proposed Plans



Links added 12-2-16

11_28_16 Ltr to Marcus Serrano City Manager with Exhibits

Crowns SEQRA Filing - Full EAF with Exhibits

Cuddy Feder Response to Citizens Alternative Tower Plan December 1 2016

Cuddy Feder SEQRA Memo

Greg Sharpe Crown RF Report December 1 2016

Lane Appraisals Property Value Report December 1 2016



Letter From Citizens Group


Citizen Group Recommendation


Thirty Day Response Letter to Crown Castle


Letter to Crown Castle re: Outstanding Information


Crown Castle SEQRA Full EAF


Memo from Crown Castle re: SEQRA


Presentation Items from October 19, 2016 City Council Meeting


Letter from the City of Rye to Crown Castle


Crown Castle's response to City's request for documents and information


Letter from Christopher B. Fisher, Esq. regarding the pole attachment specification

and node locations with attached EAF


Letter from Esme A. Lombard, Crown Castle National Real Estate – Contractor


Existing Right-of-Way (RUA) Use Agreement with the City of Rye


Amendment to Right-of-Way (RUA) Use Agreement 


State Level Regulatory Overview information


Table of Proposed locations

Proposed Locations Table
Eight Nodes Proposed Along Boston Post Road


Map of Proposed locations 


Table of existing locations  


Photos of existing attachments in the City of Rye  


Noise Emission Report


Report commissioned by Crown Castle in 2012 that compares RF energy and
compliance of antennas on utility poles with other sources of RF energy