City of Rye, NY

Boat Basin

George E. Hogben,
Boat Basin Supervisor

(914) 967-2011
Fax: (914) 967-2385


1.  Where is the Boat Basin located?
The Boat Basin street address is 650 Milton Road, Rye, New York 10580.  On the nautical charts, (NOAA 12367) the City of Rye Boat Basin is located at the most northerly part of Milton Harbor in the Western section of Long Island Sound.  Our latitude/longitude coordinates are: N40° 57’.67, W073° 41’.42.

2.  How many boats are in the Boat Basin?
Covering all size categories, the Boat Basin has about 350 summer slips in the water and an additional capability of dry stored or trailered boats.  During the winter months the Boat Basin is capable of storing about 175 boats on land (dry storage) and an additional 25 boats in a de-iced winter wet area.

3.  Is the Boat Basin for Rye residents only?
No.  Non residents pay a higher annual slip fees. 

4.  Is the Boat Basin expensive?
No.  By comparison to other boat yards and marina’s throughout the region, the City of Rye Boat Basin has similar fees.

5.  How does the Boat Basin financially operate?
The Boat Basin is set up as enterprise fund, owned by the City of Rye.  The entire costs of operations must be funded from revenues generated at the Boat Basin.  The Boat Basin receives no revenues from the general fund or from property tax receipts.  All costs from annual operating to capital improvements such as dredging are funded from Boat Basin revenues.

6.  Is there a waiting list to get into the marina?
Historically there has been little or no waiting period for boats, sail or power, in the less than 18’ category.  The 18’ to 28’ categories are the most popular.

7.  How does one get on the waiting list?
Because this is a signed and dated listing, one must apply in person only, at the Boat Basin office.

8.  Do I need to own a boat to apply to the waiting list?
No, but you must select a category (power or sail) and a size range up to maximum of 37’ LOA.

9.  What proofs of residency/ownership will be required?
New York State driver’s license, most recent telephone bill, and the New York State boat registration card will be required before the boat is allowed into the Boat Basin.  Multiple owners must all reside within the City of Rye to be considered as residents.  Names and addresses must agree on all documents.  Tax bills/receipts, are not considered proofs of residency/domicile.

10.  Can I sub-lease or rent out my slip?
No.  If the boat in the application is not at it’s assigned slip by June 15th the Boat Basin office must be notified.

11.  What about water or electricity, are they available?
Yes, water is available both throughout the storage area as well as on the docks.  It is turned off in the winter.  Electricity is available throughout the winter storage area as well as on the main or “A” dock section of floats.  This area is metered for boats with shore power inlets.

12.  Can I work on my own boat at the Boat Basin?
Yes, all maintenance and or repairs can be owner performed.  There are rules and regulations pertaining to the use of the work/storage/parking area as well as proper handling of oil, gasoline, solvents and paints correctly at the waterfront.  The Boat Basin office can advise you on this.

13.  Can I bring in my own mechanic?
All outside contractors must get a permit through the Clerks office prior to working on any boats in the marina.  Proof of insurance and workers comp is required.

14.  Does the Boat Basin have security?
Limited.  The Boat Basin has seasonal Marine Police Patrol available and on duty during the summer and fall months.  An evening part-time maintenance worker is also on-staff during the boating season.  

15.  Is live-aboard or extended stay allowed?
No.  Live aboard is not allowed in the City of Rye Boat Basin.  Overnight on board camp-outs are allowed to a maximum of two (2) nights.  Open flame cooking and barbecue fires are strictly forbidden at all times.

16.  How deep is the channel?  How weather protected is the Boat Basin?
The Milton Harbor Federal channel is maintenance dredged by the City of Rye Boat Basin.  Long term efforts aimed at controlling and mitigating the sedimentation from Blind Brook are well under way.  Controlling depths are 6’ M.L.W. for the channel and Boat Basin.  The Boat Basin is considered well protected from both predominant and storm weather winds.

17.  Who oversees or manages the Boat Basin?
The Boat Basin is under the management of the Boat Basin Supervisor.  Additionally a seven (7) member elected Boat Basin Commission serves to advise both the Supervisor and the City Manager on all major items involving the Boat Basin.  The mayor appoints a member of the City Council as liaison to the Boat Basin.

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