City of Rye, NY

Rye TV

Nicole Levitsky,
Access Coordinator

Office in Rye City Hall
Phone (914) 967-7242
Fax (914) 967 - 4604
Studio in Rye High School
Phone (914) 967-9106


What is RyeTV? Rye TV is a community access station, including 3 PEG channels on both Verizon and Cablevision. On Cablevision channel 75 (Gov); 76 (Public) and 77 (Education). On Verizon it is 33 (Public), 39 (Gov.) and 40 (Education).
How is RyeTV funded? The operations for the public and government channels are funded by franchise fees paid by Cablevision and Verizon.  The bulk of the Education Channel's operations are funded by the Rye City School district.
Does RTV "cover" events?
RTV is not a production company.  City of Rye cable TV staff produces programs free of charge for the City Government and its departments.  RTV will also provide production services for not-for-profit organizations when staff is available for PSA's and special events. RTV encourages volunteers to produce all programs for cablecast on the community access channel by providing training and equipment.
How did THAT show get on RTV?
Anyone in the community is allowed to use the community access channel and RTV facilities.  Anyone who submits a program for the public channel must sign a "producer's agreement" taking responsibility for the program's content.
Programs play on RTV channels over the weekend; does RTV have weekend hours?
RTV's playback system for all channels is automated.  There are no RTV staff members on studio duty over the weekend.  Equipment may be signed out over the weekend for portable shooting.
Is RTV part of the Cable Company?
RTV is not part of Cablevision or Verizon.  The cable company transmits RTV's signal to all their subscribers' homes, but their responsibility stops at providing a clear transmission into the home.  Conversely, RTV is not involved in cable installation, repairs or service.  If you have questions about these areas you should call Cablevision's Customer Service Line at 777-9000 or Verizon at 888-553-1555.
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