City of Rye, NY

City Engineer

Ryan Coyne, P.E.,
City Engineer

(914) 967-7676



1. Will the City replace my broken sidewalk?
The City has an annual sidewalk replacement program in which It replaces various sidewalks throughout the City.  Every property owner is responsible for the maintenance and repair of sidewalks adjoining their property.  Property owners may have their sidewalks repaired under this program and be billed for the repairs by the City.  If the sidewalk is lifted or broken from tree roots by City owned tree, the City will pay for the repair.  If you would like to report a broken sidewalk, please call the department of public works at 976-7464.

2. When will my street be paved?
The City currently funds $300,000 annually for street resurfacing.  This allows for resurfacing of approximately three (3) miles of the City’s 50 miles of  roadway each year.  The roads to be re-paved are selected based on an annual spring inspection and the number of years since last paved.

3. Do I need a permit to widen my driveway?
Yes.  You will need to obtain a surface water control permit from the engineering office to place any impervious surface on your property, i.e. widening of driveways, installation of a patio.

4. I want to re-grade my property.  Do I need a permit?
Yes.  You will need to obtain a surface water control permit to change the grade of your land by more than three (3) inches.

5. What can I do that doesn’t require a surface water control permit?

  1. Normal lawn and landscaping maintenance.
  2. Nursery and agricultural operations conducted as either a permitted main or accessory use.
  3. Grading of land in a uniform manner, provided that the elevation of the land is not altered by more than three (3) inches, the normal flow of surface water at the property lines is not altered, and upon completion of the grading, the exposed surfaces are covered with vegetation.
  4. Alteration of the interior of a building and alteration of the exterior of a building provided that such exterior alteration does not increase land coverage. (A building permit however is still required in either case)
  5. Any emergency activity, which is immediately necessary for the protection of life, property or natural resources and or emergency activity deemed by any governmental body.

6.  I want to put a fence on the curb line.  Can I do that?
No.  All fences, stones, boulders, etc. must be placed on the property line.  The curb line is not your property line.

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