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1.  I found a baby bird that’s fallen out of its nest.
If possible, put the bird back in the nest.  Don’t worry about getting your scent on the bird; birds have little or no sense of smell and won’t care if you have touched it.  If you can’t put it back in the nest, put it in a small container lined with soft grass.  The parent should come to feed it.

2.  I found a baby bird that can’t fly.
Many times, especially in spring and summer, when baby birds leave the nest they don’t know how to fly.  These fledglings have enough feathers to leave the nest and are old enough to learn to fly which they will rapidly begin to do.

3.  My dog found a nest of baby rabbits, and I’m afraid if I don’t take them they will die.  They seem to be abandoned because I have not seen the parents.
They do not need to be rescued.  The mother will not return as long as you remain near nest.  Replace the nest the way it was found and leave.  Walk your dog on a leash for one or two days so he won’t go back to the nest.  The parents will move their young if they feel they are in danger.  The Eastern Cottontails leave their young during the day to eat but they do return to nurse them.

4.  Children of what age can attend Summer Ecology Camp, Preschool Ecology, Vacation Ecology Camp, and the Wild Outside After School Club?

  • Summer Ecology Camp: Children ages 3-12
  • Preschool Ecology: Children ages 3-5
  • Vacation Ecology Camp: Children in grades K-5
  • Wild Outside After School Club: Children in grades K-2

5.  Does the Nature Center have programs for teens?
Yes.  We offer an Adventures Club for teens.  We go on seasonal trips such as rock climbing, camping and white water rafting.

6.  How do I find out when programs and special events are offered?
The Nature Center programs and events are publicized in the local newspapers and on the RCTV community bulletin board.  Flyers are available at the library and the Nature Center.  The “Early Bird”, our quarterly newsletter lists all upcoming events.  You can pick up a copy of the “Early Bird” at that Rye Nature Center, or, if you become a member of the Friends of Rye Nature Center, it can be mailed to your address.

7.  How do I become a member of the Friends of Rye Nature Center?
You can become a member of the Friends of Rye Nature Center by picking up a membership brochure at the Rye Nature Center or call 914-967-7412 to have a brochure mailed to you.

8.  When is the Butterfly House open?
The butterfly house is open in early May and closes in early October.  The best time to see the most butterflies is on a warm afternoon in August.

9.  What sort of programs do you have available for school groups?
We offer a wide variety of programs for schools.  We are best known for our ability to customize a program to fit a class’ curriculum.  For some ideas we offer pond studies, geology walks, seasonal walks, butterfly programs, animal adoption programs, native American walks, and beach ecology programs.  You can book a program by calling the Rye Nature Center at 914-967-7412.

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