City of Rye, NY

Public Works

Ryan Coyne, P.E.,
City Engineer

(914) 967-7464



1. Who provides water service?
Depending on your address, it could be New York American Water (914) 939-3500 or Westchester Joint Water Works (914) 698-3500.

2. During winter- why wasn’t my garbage collected?
We need a 3-foot wide path cleared of snow in order to access your trash cans.

3. Who maintains sidewalks when damaged?
The homeowner.

4. How do I know if a tree is mine or the City's?
It should be noted on your survey.

5. When is my street going to be swept?
Streets are normally swept every 6 weeks, depending on the weather and winter months.

6. Have I reached the beach?
We give the phone # for Rye Town Park - (914) 967-0965.

7. Who shovels the sidewalks?
The homeowner is responsible for the sidewalks along your property line.

8. How do I get a city tree worked on?
Tree work needs to be scheduled with the tree foreman. Call (914) 967-7464.

9. How do I get a permit to get a tree worked on?
Call the tree foreman at DPW at (914) 967-7464.

10. How do I get my road repaved?
It is scheduled by the engineering department. Call (914) 967-7676 to inquire.

11. How do I get a street light repaired?
Contact the DPW at (914) 967-7464.

12. Who picks up dead animals in the street?
Contact the Humane Society at (914) 835-3332.

13. Who fixes pot holes?
Contact the DPW at (914) 967-7464.

14. What do I do with hazardous materials?
The Westchester County Household Material Recovery Facility (H-MRF) is now open in Valhalla. The H-MRF accepts household hazardous waste and other items worthy of special handling from Westchester County residents on a year-round, appointment-only basis. See the County's website for more information:

15. What do I do with paint?
Paint needs to be completely dried out and lid needs to remain off so the garbage men can look inside the can. Some ways to dry them out are kitty litter or air dry.

Can't find an answer here? - E-mail your question directly to the Department of Public Works.