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Damiano Recreation
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Phone: (914) 967-2535
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Program cancellation hot-line:
(914) 967-3077

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1.   How can I obtain the use of an athletic field in Rye?  Contact Rye Recreation at to make a request. Fields are made available on a rental reservation system. Sanctioned youth leagues, Rye City School District and/or Rye Recreation department programs will have priority use on fields.

2.   What adult programs are offered?  Programs are always being added so please refer to the Recreation Brochure that is distributed 3 times a year. Core programs include Softball for Men or Women, Men’s Basketball, Tennis lessons, Yoga and Karate.

3.   Do you need a permit to play tennis?  No, but daily fees will be charged and proof of residency is required. Permits offer a substantial discount if you will be playing regularly. Visit our Tennis page to obtain the most updated permit information & fees. 


4.   Does Rye Recreation operate the youth sport leagues?  Most programs are operated by independent volunteer programs. However, since we facilitate their programs we can provide contact and general information. All League contacts can be found here and are listed in the Recreation Brochure.  Rye Recreation does run youth basketball and youth field hockey.  See the brochure for the latest program offerings.

5.   Is Crawford Park a City of Rye facility?  No.

For information on Crawford Park, please contact 939-5770.


6.   Does Rye Recreation operate Playland or Oakland Beach?  No.

  • Playland Park and Beach are operated by the Westchester County Department of Parks and Recreation. The contact number is (914) 813-7010.
  • Oakland Beach is operated by the Town of Rye. The contact number is (914) 967-0965 during the season and (914) 939-3553 the rest of the year.


7.   How can I pay for Rye Recreation programs?  Registration is done on-line.  Click here to visit the Recreation’s home page.  Click on the blue "Online Registration" button to register/create your account.  Credit cards accepted are MasterCard & Visa.  If paying at the office, checks and cash are also accepted.


8.   How do I join an adult softball team?

Softball teams' rosters are registered independently. Individual names will be distributed to team managers. Contact Rye Recreation to have your name distributed to softball managers (


9.   How do I know if games are cancelled due to inclement weather?  Call the Rye Recreation Hot Line at 967-3077 for all current program information.


10.  Are dogs allowed in the parks? Dogs are permitted in the parks on a leash but are not permitted on play fields or playgrounds. Owners are expected to have their pets leashed at all time and to pick up after them.


11.  How are the picnic shelters reserved?  Picnic shelters are reserved at the Rye Recreation department beginning in January of each year. Contact the recreation office for reservation and fee information.  Email your request to  Visit our Facilities page for the most updated permit application & fee schedule.


12.  How late do the parks stay open?  Seasonal hours will govern use; however, 10 p.m. curfews exist in all City of Rye parks.


Can't find an answer here?  E-mail your question directly to the Rye Recreation Department.